I'm new to this... Report cards?
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    Default I'm new to this... Report cards?

    We moved from Arkansas to Mississippi about a month ago,my three children were currently in the best public schools in the state. I was obviously misinformed about the new schools they would be attending here. The schools ended up being horrible,my opinion only of course. Needless to say, we are now homeschooling and I am completely out of my element. I believe I just need a little guidance. I'm also very curious how report cards and being promoted to the next grade works?!!!

    Thanks In Advance, Momma_3

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    Default Re: I'm new to this... Report cards?

    Hi. Each state has its own homeschool laws, and they are all very different. Be sure you know the homeschool laws in your state. Time4Learning can be your curriculum choice for any state. No curriculum will oversee whether or not you are following your state's homeschool laws.

    No state's homeschool laws are interested in report cards or your child's daily work. No state's homeschool laws say what your child must do to "pass". These days, most public schools automatically pass a child on to the next grade level based on their age, but they might modify the work they are expected to do if they need to catch up.

    Since grades were intended to be a way for teachers to let a child's parents know how they were doing, and homeschool parents already know that, many homeschool families do not bother with grades until high school when they might be necessary for preparing a transcript for college.

    Some states require your child to be tested each year or every few years. Mississippi does not. Mississippi is a very easy state in which to homeschool. Here is a summary of their homeschool laws:

    Complying with Mississippi’s homeschool law

    Every year, on or before September 15, you must submit a certificate of enrollment including your and your child’s names, address, and telephone number; your child’s date of birth; and a “simple description” of the type of education your child is receiving. “Home instruction program” is a satisfactory description. Contact the school attendance officer at the public school district where your child lives to request a certificate of enrollment form. Submit the completed certificate of enrollment to the attendance officer after first saving a copy for your records. You may begin homeschooling midyear, but be sure to file the certificate of enrollment at that time.
    The certificate of enrollment must be submitted by the child’s parent, a court-appointed guardian, or a person other than a parent or legal guardian who has present care or custody of the child.

    2. There are no teacher qualifications, standardized testing requirements, or required subjects or days of instruction for homeschools in Mississippi.

    It is up to you to choose the subjects that you will teach in your home instruction program. Although public schools are required to be in session for 180 days every school year, this requirement does not apply to nonpublic schools, including home instruction programs.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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