Making transcripts and calculating gpa
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    Default Making transcripts and calculating gpa

    Ok the way I understand it I multiply the number of letter grades (A's, B's, etc) by the points they are worth = quality points. The quality units is the number of A's, B's, etc. and you divide points by units to get GPA. Here is my question: My semesters are 4 mo long so there are 4 scores in each subject but you only record the ending score on the transcript so do I add up the ending scores or the monthly scores to calculate GPA? The difference would be that there are 7 B's total through 4 months as apposed to 2 B's total on transcript.

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    I haven't calculated GPA yet, but I would take the 4 semester grades and average those for each subject. Then take those subject averages to calculate GPA. Hopefully some of the other high schoolers here will chime in with their experiences too. You can also check out the T4L High School Facebook group.
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    I used the final grade for each subject to calculate the GPA.

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    The best place to learn about homeschooling high school is Let's Homeschool High . The page in that link goes directly to their page about preparing transcripts . . . great info!

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