I'm attempting to homeschool my godson (nephew) from a distance. He's been in p.s. all of his life, and we feel he's not getting what he needs. He's going into 7th grade, very bright - according to the tests at school, he reads at 12th grade level, is g/t in science and social studies, and took 8th grade pre-algebra in 6th grade. The middle school he would have been in for the next 2 years has no options for g/t in science or social studies and they don't have the right teacher for his next level of math.

I'm new to this! But I'm very interested in his education and want him to succeed. His mom and grandmother will be overseeing him at home to make sure he stays disciplined, but it's been up to me to find a curriculum, and I'll be "teaching" him on a daily basis from a distance.

My question is about where to place him. Except for math, which will be algebra - If I go ahead and place him in 8th grade classes for Language Arts and Science instead of 7th grade, will he miss anything important? When I looked at the curriculum on T4L, it seems pretty much the same year to year, with varying difficulty levels as they go up. The other option is having him do the 7th grade curriculum and then move him to 8th if he gets bored. I'm on the fence about it and would love your input.

Also, does anyone have any tips or idea for homeschool "distance" teaching?