Need Help in "Detailed Planning"
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    Default Need Help in "Detailed Planning"

    Hello, I am new to "home schooling" & T4L. I am trying to set up a detailed yearly plan for my 5th & 7th grader and there are so many activities to choose from for ea. subject. I'm not sure how many activities I am suppose to choose for each core subject for each student on a weekly/monthly basis. Is there someone that is able to help with me this or better explain it to me?

    Thank You!

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    Hi. Here are instructions for using the planner.

    When you are beginning mid-year, you will not want to include all the activities. You will need to decide whether to start halfway through or do just a section that your student needs work on or many other options.

    Some parents have their student do the chapter test before they do the chapter. They do not have to do the lessons in the chapter if they score well on the test. If they do not score well on the test, they do the lessons in the chapter and try the test again. If you choose this method, you will not use the planner at all.

    We hosted a webinar awhile back about beginning homeschool mid-year. It was recorded and posted on YouTube. It might help you out. Beginning Homeschooling Mid-Year

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