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Thread: never homeschooled!!

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    Default never homeschooled!!

    My daughter will be a junior this year. She has decided to homeschool and we are supporting her request. She was tired of the environment at her school.
    We are clueless as to where to start! Curriculum? Groups? Its all so overwhelming!!

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    Welcome to Homeschooling Guide by Time4Learning is great place to start! Your daughter might check out the Time4Friends high school forum (on the high school log in page), to connect to other students. We are glad to have you both!
    Homeschooling one for 8 years and counting!

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    Does she want to go to college? What are her thoughts/plans post-high school?

    Given she's a Junior, you'll want to consider whether she intends to (ever a possibility) go to college. If so, it'd be a good idea to be sure you plan her coursework to include the "standard" high school courses required for high school graduation/college preparation.

    In other words, most colleges require four years of English, four years of high school math 3 or 4 sciences, 3-4 social studies courses, foreign language, art/music/drama, PE, and health along with an elective or two.

    SO, step 1 is finding and fulfilling the LEGAL requirements for homeschooling in your state (just search for them on the Internet and do whatever you're required to do).

    Step 2 would be to look at your DD's high school courses so far.. figure out what she already has and what she still needs. Then, select subjects/programs for your DD to take the courses needed to finish out her high school.

    For example, if she's had physical science and biology, she may need Chemistry and Physics. She can take one of those this year and one next year. For math, she's probably had Algebra 1 and Geometry, so she'd need Algebra 2 and Pre-Calc or trig. --and so on.

    3rd, after you've decided on the subjects, ask your DD how she likes to learn best. If online, she can take classes here at T4L or through other online venues. If she likes books, you can go with just about any curriculum you want.
    It may seem like a lot, but it can be easier than you expect if you can manage small steps along the path. The great thing about homeschooling is that you can figure it out as you go along--you don't have to have everything totally set and ready to go on day 1. You can be flexible.. When you figure out the first subject and get the curricula, your DD can begin on that subject.. She can start the next one several days, a week, or a month later. ;-)

    It's an adjustment to move away from that boxed in public school BANG! SCHOOL STARTS! way of doing things, and take the more laid back homeschool path, but well worth the peace of mind when you can take a deep breath and go with the natural flow of getting things in place. I was stressed out when we began, but it turned out I didn't have to be half as stressed out as I though I did! LOL! Hope that helps. :-D
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