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    Default New to Home schooling

    My son is in the ninth grade and we just started homeschooling time4learning. It's going really well. Can I just use time4learning for his four core classes that he needs to take or do I need to supplement with something else? If I do is there a supplement someone can recommend for an ADHD child that would correlate with what we're doing on time4learning ?
    He is taking the correct classes for the state of North Carolina and when you done with these classes he will take the national standardized tests.

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    Hey, Happy girl-
    Sorry no one has responded. If you have not found an answer to this, then I suggest asking in your state forum or asking someone in your area IRL. Because I am not in NC, I have no idea what is required in that state.
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    Default I am new too

    Hi Happy Girl

    I am new to Time4Learning also. I have a 7th grade with behavioral problems at school and another child in 9th grade who is currently recieving Post Traumatic Disorder therapy and we decided maybe home school would be less stressful for her. Maybe you can call the Dept of Education in your area. I called today and I wasnt aware that we had to be part of the South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools in order to recieve credit for their grades. Is this something you had to do for state home school requirements for North Carolina?

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