New to Homeschool & t4l for my 4th grade son 4th quarter of the school year
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    Default New to Homeschool & t4l for my 4th grade son 4th quarter of the school year

    For many reason we finally came to the decision to home school our 4th grade son at the beginning of the 4th quarter this year. Not sure if t4l is the right fit . . . I'm not sure if it's user error or not but I'm not feeling that t4l is user friendly for the parent. I can't review the lessons without logging in as my student. This then pops up the recent work as activity so I can't tell the difference between my activity and his. Why can't I see the lessons from my parent login? How do you know what's being taught and what you need to supplement? Additionally, I've taken time to save a schedule with the day assigned. But the only way i can verify that it has been completed is to print off the schedule and match that back up to the activity (but then I also to remember if I reviewed that lesson or not). I work from home too so I can't spend the entire day watching him to make sure he's doing it but was under the impression that t4l would keep track for me. How does everyone else track & verify assignment completion? Feeling frustrated on so many levels.


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    Hi, Jacqueline. Great questions! I'm sorry you're feeling frustrated.

    This link will be helpful in teaching you how to preview lessons without having it appear on your child's progress report as having been just exit by way of the home button on the upper left-hand corner.

    Jacqueline, have you logged into your Parent Admin page? Once you're in the home page, at the top right tab you will find the Parent Login in the Member Login tab. Once you are logged in, go into the Parent Resources and How-To Videos. Time4Learning does keep track of your student's work through the Progress Report, which you'll find in your Parent Admin page. You can also find the Lesson Plans in there...and a lot of other neat information and helpful tools.

    If you need further assistance, don't hesitate to call Time4Learning staff. They're very friendly and helpful!
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