New to homeschooling in NC
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    Default New to homeschooling in NC

    Hello, everyone.

    My oldest daughter is very interested in becoming homeschooled. Her best friend has been doing it for the past couple years and it's made a big difference. She wasn't doing too well in school and finding it boring. My daughter does well but she's no excited about going to high school at all. I don't blame her, the school is not rated well and with more pressure on being social than education, I think it's a good decision. I now she has the discipline to do it.

    My middle daughter isn't interested in it but my youngest is curious about it. I'd like her to at lest finish middle school since it is a good school.

    My question I what exactly I need to do to begin. There's a lot of information out there but it would be easier if it was listed, like step 1, do this, step 2, do this. Her friend uses the Time 4 Learning program and I'm pretty set on using it too.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated from others in NC.



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    I am certainly not an expert, but North Carolina makes it pretty easy so I will give it a shot since nobody else has stepped up:

    Step 1: Breathe. Remind yourself that it isn't as hard as it looks and you can do this. (Repeat this step as often as needed)
    Step 2: Decide on how you are going to run your home school. There are a lot of options out there. From Classical, to Waldorf, to Charlotte Mason, to Un-schooling and everything in between. Using T4L as the curriculum is certainly a good place to start (I do), but then decide if you are going to supplement anything else etc (My kids have chores and Tae kwon do right now, but they are also still young). What time are the kids going to be "in school"/who is going to be with them during the day? How much emphasis are you going to put on grades and lessons and how much freedom are you going to give?
    Step 3: Come up with a name for your "home school" remember that it will be on your kid's diploma; and decide if you are considering it a religious school or not.
    Step 4: Go to the Department of NonPublic Education DNPE Home Page and fill out the paperwork (sometime after July unless you are pulling them immediately and cutting this year short.) The first link under Home School is "open a home school". Click the link and fill out the form. Follow all instructions.
    Step 5: set up a filing system:
    "The North Carolina home school statutes require that Home Schools keep and maintain the following for one year:
    • Student attendance records for each student enrollee.
    • Student immunization records (or religious exemption statements) for each student enrollee.
    • Student achievement test result records."(

    Step 6: execute you plan. Sometime during the year each student must take a standarized test, most people do it toward the end of the year. You have a while to worry about that plan. There are no requirements as far as how the student does on the test, just that you keep a record of having done it.
    Step 7: *Optional* very optional step, but I recomend it, look into HSLDA. They can be very helpful if you run into any problems. They also have assistance for the next step
    Step 8: High School Transcripts. Having a Highschooler, you are likely going to want to work on having a good HS transcript for colleges etc when she graduates.
    Step 9: not as optional as you might think - connect. Get on the NC forum here, search Facebook for local Homeschool groups. You will find support and answers as well as local events going on from testing and seminars (on creating good HS transcripts for example) to groups getting together to get "group"/"school" rates for field trip type things. Not to mention colleges offering credit in high school to homeschoolers.

    Dont forget to liberally repeat step 1

    Good luck. Feel free to contact me if you have more questions. My kids are much younger, but I am in Sanford/Fayetteville area of NC.

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    I would like some advice too, the person who answered seems to know a lot!!!

    My son misses the cutoff by a couple of weeks to start kindergarten. He should be starting September 2016, but because of the cutoff date he has to wait a whole year to start!! So I was wondering if it is OK that I homeschool him during the 2016 school year, instead of him doing nothing for a year. Do you think if I do that and get him evaluated after the year is over, the public school will let him start first grade? Or are they going to make him redo kindergarten again? I dont want to hold him back, he is three now and knows more than the four year olds in our neighborhood. He is starting to read and sound out words and can write his name, just to name a few of his abilities. Plus he is alot bigger than kids his age already, I dont want him sticking out even more. I have no problem homeschooling him for a year, I am a stay at home mom and taught pre-k for three years. So I already work with him daily to get him ahead of the pack. Please let me know if you have any advice. Thank you

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    Brownie914 It is completely acceptable to begin homeschooling him now. You wont need to file with the state until right before he turns 7. But the state does not dictate what age you may begin, only that ages 7-16 be in a registered home-school that maintains attendance records (compulsory attendance laws) and that you take a standardized test each year. But again you wont need to do those things until he turns 7.

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