New to Homeschooling. Questions about lessons set up on this site.
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    Default New to Homeschooling. Questions about lessons set up on this site.

    I am looking to use the high school curriculum here for my sophomore son. We have not done homeschooling before and I am wondering if on this site you can see all the tasks and lessons and such there are to do to complete each course from beginning to end? I am hoping to track how long it takes to complete each class so as to to keep on a semester schedule appropriately.

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    I'm using the middle school, not the high school, so I'm not sure if things work exactly the same. But I used the "activity scheduler" to figure out how many activities in each subject Jack would need to do per week in order to complete the entire curriculum at the end of the school year. I put in the start and end dates of the school year, then saved it, then inputted the "vacation weeks" (for things like Jewish holidays and Jack's Bar Mitzvah) and then I saw how many lessons we ended up with each week. On a separate file I typed up the weekly requirements in each subject, printed that out, and put it up on the bulletin board behind the computer desk.

    I don't care if he does all of one week's math lessons one day, science another day, etc, or if he does a little of each subject each day. That's up to him, as long as the weeks' work is completed each week. He can even go ahead if he wants to, but I won't let him fall behind in any subject.

    My state requires us to send in quarterly reports, but we get to pick the dates we send in the reports. I took a look at how many weeks of learning we'd have, and figured out the dates that made sense based on when we're actually taking breaks. Each report is due after 9 weeks of instruction time for us, regardless of how that compares to the public school's schedule. You can set yours to line up with the local public or private schools if that works better for you.
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