new to homeschooling. where do I find out californias full curriculum??
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    Question new to homeschooling. where do I find out californias full curriculum??

    Hello new here and I am from california. I was told by T4L social studies and science is not a full curriculum on there own depending on my state. I need to know this because I thought t4L was a full curriculum?? My daughter will be homeschooled for 2nd grade and beyond.

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    Default CA standards

    You can find CA standards, including common core standards, at Content Standards - Standards & Frameworks (CA Dept of Education). They are by subject area. My student is enrolled in a charter school (through our county board of education), but we do primarily T4L and supplement. Social studies varies, depending on the grade level. For fourth grade she will use a textbook, because they do CA history and T4L does not. I have used T4L for social studies for 3rd grade except for the unit on local history. She is completing 3rd grade and is testing on required test at 6th grade level. Next week she will be completing testing in a pilot program for the efficacy of the common core standards. I just make sure we address the requirements.

    Hope this helps.

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