Partial Year Homeschooling - How Does This Work?
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    Default Partial Year Homeschooling - How Does This Work?

    We are going on an extended vacation in April. My kids are currently enrolled in a public school but they cannot miss more than 10 days without being considered truant. They will be missing 17 for this trip so I'm looking into homeschool for either that month or the remaining quarter of the year.
    Has anyone done this? Any advice? I work from home so it's a very viable option for us but I'm just checking into what this will all entail. They would be returning back to school for the following year. Thank you!!!

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    Default Re: Partial Year Homeschooling - How Does This Work?

    Hi. Public schools do not have to accept non-public-school work for credit. In most states, it is up to each individual school. You will want to arrange this with your child's school in advance.

    All fifty states allow a parent to issue a homeschool diploma for their own child. Employers may not discriminate against a homeschool diploma. Colleges are more interested in a student's test score exams than in how they learned what they know and many colleges actively recruit homeschooled students. When homeschooling, the parent decides what the student must do to graduate from the family's home school.

    Despite all of that, it can be challenging to get a public school to accept homeschool work, unless you enroll in their own public-school-at-home option.

    Most public schools will enroll a previously homeschooled child below middle school age at the grade level that corresponds to their age, but once they are earning credits they will probably ask your child to take a test to prove the credits or they might not accept homeschool credits at all.

    It is very easy for a student to graduate from a family's home school, but can be quite difficult to mix homeschooling with public school.

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