Is it possible to begin homeschooling mid year? Help?
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    Default Is it possible to begin homeschooling mid year? Help?

    In the case of a child who began suffering anxiety and depression and withdraws from school mid year - Is it possible to pick up and complete the year through homeschooling? Where should we start?

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    Hello, guest. First, I'm sorry about the anxiety and depression your child is experiencing.
    You can start homeschooling any time. You can also start using Time4Learning as your curriculum of choice any time.

    I recommend that you review your states legal requirements before choosing any curriculum. You will likely need to submit a Letter of Intent to Homeschool to your county school board superintendent, depending on your state. Some states don't require that. You can just Google 'your state' homeschool laws. Since you're considering homeschooling, this free Guide to Homeschooling should be helpful for you.

    Since every school uses a different curriculum, there really is no "starting where you left off", even if you are simply changing from one public school to another. Some parents have the student do the chapter tests first. If they score well, they don't do the assignments in that chapter. If they don't score well, they do the assignments and then take the test again. (The test will be slightly different each time it is attempted, to keep the student from simply memorizing the answers to the test questions.) This may be the best way to start for you child. You may also appreciate, given the circumstances, that Time4Learning is student-paced.

    You've submitted your post/question on the Tennessee forum. Your questions may get more exposure in some of the other forums, like Thinking of Using Time4Learning or New to Homeschooling. Please feel free to peek around in the different forums and ask questions any time. Best wishes to you.
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