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Thread: Pre-testing

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    Default Pre-testing

    Having been a teacher in the past, I know that pre-testing is a good practice. Not only does it allow your student to move on to new material if they already know this section, but it allows you (and them) to see how much they learned about a given topic. It's a valuable tool all around.

    I have encouraged my daughter to pre-test in sections where she feels she knows some of the material already.

    However, having just run a report for the first time, I see that *all* of her quizes/tests are averaged together in her grade. So pre-testing is killing her average.

    The explanation given over and over is that "This is the way schools do it". Why yes... A final quiz or test on a topic, if retaken is usually averaged together. More often focus is given to the specific questions that were wrong and 1/2 credit given for them "re-doing" that question to the teacher's satisfaction. Thus they can't get 100% so it is not unfair to students who knew it the first time.

    However, pre-testing is not included in the grades for a student. It is a tool to measure progress and existing knowledge. Not a grading mechanism to measure if they learned a lesson, since the lesson hasn't been taught yet.

    I wish there was a way for me to remove the pre-testing grades or exclude them from the averages.

    Yes, I know I can make my own grade book and enter everything by hand, excluding or including whatever I want.

    It just seems like a basic educational tool that ends up punishing the student if used.


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    Default Re: Pre-testing

    Hi, Brokk. The student score reports aren't an official document. They're intended for the parent's information, so they can calculate a grade using any method they wish. To provide a complete report, all computer-scored activity is included. If you issue a grade to your student, you will probably want to include worksheet and writing assignment scores in your own average, and many parents consider scores for other things besides T4L work when calculating a grade for a subject.

    The reports aren't grading software, so I know it's confusing to have whatever information you call up all averaged together. If you generate a report that includes multiple subjects, the scores from all those subjects are added together and averaged, too. That's probably just because spreadsheets easily perform that function. I'm not sure the average has any practical use, unless you never repeat an activity, or start it and then need to stop and get back to it later, or use any of the worksheets, or any of the other myriad things that could affect the average.

    Think of the reports as simply a list of the online work the student has completed, including percentage scores where a score applies. (There aren't scores for "teaching" activities, as there is nothing to assess.)

    Time4Learning has added a lot of tools at members' request. Maybe some day they will add grading software.

    Because grades were originally intended for communication between teachers and parents, many homeschool families find they are of limited use until high school, when a transcript needs to be prepared if they're college-bound. Like you, they prefer to simply have their student work on each concept until it is mastered.
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