Progress tracking?? Help!
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    Default Progress tracking?? Help!

    Hello everyone,

    My daughter has been using T4L for almost a year now.. I'm still not 100% on how to make sure she's staying on track to finish what needs to be finished for each grade. She started mid-way through 6th grade, and should be starting the 7th grade curriculum soon? I tried loading the reports but they don't give very clear info in my opinion. I'm trying to keep her on track with what a public school child her age would need done, as she's expressed wanting to return to public school for high school or 8th grade. PLEASE HELP!!

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    Default Re: Progress tracking?? Help!

    Hi. The reports show what has been done. The activity plan you created or the lesson plans/scope and sequence show what there is to do.

    If you created an activity plan, just take a look at it and see what isn't yet checked off.

    If you didn't create an activity plan, look at the lesson plans/scope and sequence and compare it with her reports. Again, the lesson plans/scope and sequence show everything available and the reports show what she has done.

    There is a lot of material for most grade levels, and many families choose not to do all of it. For example, some families eliminate the authentic tasks or don't do worksheets. Others only do the writing assignments in the language arts courses and the might simply discuss the writing topics in the other subjects. Some families have their child take each test first, and they don't do the lessons associated with that test at all if the child does well on the test.

    You will not ever be able to duplicate what she would be doing in public schools, because every school (and every classroom in the school) will be different. Even in subjects where there are national standards, such as math and reading, the teacher is free to decide what order to present things in and how in-depth to go. In subjects where there are no consistent standards and a lot of sub-branches, such as social studies, one school might teach American history for fifth grade social studies, while another teaches geography or world history. Also, at the middle school level, students are often required to take, for example, three language arts classes . . . but they can choose between all the language arts classes the school has available and each student might choose something different.

    The good news is that if your child is doing a couple of activities in each subject on Time4Learning and doing well . . . she is probably fine. Any student changing school situations will have areas where they need to catch up and areas they will end up reviewing because they have already studied it. This is true even of public school students who move from one school district to another or from one state to another. The point of education is not to provide the exact same experience to each student, but to provide a well-rounded education where they all have basic skills (they can read and do basic math calculations), but everyone will have interest, expertise, or experience with other things beyond that. Someone who has been educated in that way can easily fill in the gaps when they change school situations, especially if they understand and expect that will be the process.

    I hope this helps ease your mind. If you need more help interpreting the reports, please let me know.

    Mom of six . . . current students and homeschool graduates. Enjoying using Time4Learning since 2006!

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    Default Re: Progress tracking?? Help!

    There might be downloadable curriculum guidelines that you can download and use to track your child's progress. Try searching the web if there are available files that corresponds your state or location.

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