Public school is not working for any of us, what to do now and HOW?
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    Exclamation Public school is not working for any of us, what to do now and HOW?

    First let me apologize because I have so many questions and concerns:

    I am going to let my girls finish 2nd and 6th grade and am considering (only considering until I get the information I need to proceed) homeschooling after this.
    Our public school isn't meeting the educational needs of my girls, they are bored and acting out because of it. They get sent home enough homework to keep them up until 11PM and hate school. They are tired and cranky all the time (bus comes at 6AM). At least once a month the school is on lock down for one reason or another and my nerves can't handle any more of that nonsense either.

    I'm terrified that I won't be able to do any better but at the same time think I can't do much worse (at least they will be safe). My state only requires that I teach certain core subjects and I'm fine with that, except I don't know where to start (how to create a curriculum to get started) and I have very little income at the moment to invest up front. I don't just want to yank them out of school with no plan. I have to be prepared for this to work. I'm a person who can't even start supper until all the ingredients are out and ready, (it's a curse) though I have no problem changing it up mid-supper if needed.

    So sorry. Let me back up a moment, I am a single mother (recently divorced with full legal and residential custody) of three girls ages 11, 7, and 3 months. I am currently a full time student at a local college and work full time at local restaurant. I'm also afraid that my abusive ex will try to obtain full custody if I take my girls out of public school. THAT WOULD BE A DEAL BREAKER NO MATTER WHAT. I wanted to do homeschooling years ago but my ex forbade it.
    My girls love to learn as do I; I just don't know where to start. Doing this by the books LEGAL is my main concern. I also need to find what materials each child should start with and what needs to be known by the "end" of the that grade equivalent.

    Which method is best but isn't specifically set up as public school?
    Where to get supplies and what to get?
    Does a grade actually need to take a full "school year"?
    Is there a person I could talk to via in person (preferably) or over the phone? I'm located in Pike County Illinois.
    I graduated at 16, is that still possible?
    There are so many resources I just don't know who to trust. Education is the most important part of a person's life because you should always learn and I don't want to jeopardize education.
    What kind of support groups are out there? I have NO family support in this area. They all think I'm crazy and that it will hinder their education.
    How do I find local support groups to meet in person?

    Oh so many questions. This is so overwhelming!

    Please, a nudge in the right direction would be much appreciated!!

    Again, I apologize for the length and questions thrown at you. And I thank you for any help.

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    Hi i to have been looking into homeschool for about 4 months now. Ive done so much reading about it i feel i may explode with all this info. I to am scared to death of failing my childrens education. But right now the school is failing my son. They have had 4 years of teaching and he will be going into secound grade not knowing how to read. We also catch the bus around 6 as we live 16 miles from the school. With everything ive read t4l dose your lesson plan and tracks your childs progress as well an its one of the cheapest ive found its around 20 for your first child then 15 for you secound a month. Monthly makes is a lot easier to afford. We will be starting in august with a first grader and 2nd grader. As for support. I found a ton of groups in my area on facebook. They have play dates and feild trips. To make sure your doing everything by the book google homeschooling laws in illions. Im in texas as there are NO homeschooling laws currently in place. Monday a firstgraded brought a gun to school it was not loaded but it gave me the push i needed to put my fears of screwing them up behind me and start homeschooling.

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    I am in ny state. There are many curriculums that lay out the lesson plans for the grade your going to teach. I have evan-moor books and there great for slow learners, or special needs. On line courses like this one is a great resource to add into your curriculum, I would not just use this as your only resource though. I would look on line at the grade your going to teach and look at the curriculum and lesson plans for the year, if you feel you will need help to teach a subject you can join your local homeschool groups co-op group. They teach the subjects in a group. Hope this helps-Linda Colleran

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    It sounds like you have a lot to balance and contend with. I LOVE your comment that you can't do much worse than the school... That was EXACTLY my sentiment when we started homeschooling. My MAIN goal was to "do better" than the public school. Luckily, that was not difficult at all!! (You can read our story at: Our Story: Overcome Learning Disablities through Homeschooling Learning Abled Kids if you're interested).

    That said, it is definitely still possible to graduate at 16, but an option I love even more these days is to complete those next two years of "high school" through dual enrollment. With the online courses available these days, a student can take college classes while at home, which is a wonderful transitional step between high school classes and college classes away from home. Both of my guys finished their freshman year of college during their junior and senior years of high school. We used Marshall University's OCCHS program and Georgia Perimeter College's online courses.

    A grade only need take as long as it takes your child to learn the material and move forward. The great thing about homeschooling is that your child can go faster or slower, whatever is needed.

    To find support groups, search your state's, city's or county's name along with "homeschool group" and you should be able to find some near you. If you're really concerned about homeschooling, I wrote a book called "Overcome Your Fear of Homeschooling" based upon all of the fears I had before we started homeschooling which may be helpful. I had NOT planned on homeschooling, but it really is a great way to go.

    There are other parents too that work and homeschool.. You can find them at

    The BIGGEST key for you will be to know your state's laws and to comply with them. You'll need to balance childcare with your homeschooling and work schedules. That'll likely be your most difficult task because homeschooling isn't nearly as hard as it looks! (At least, I didn't think so). ;-)

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