Retaining my son
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    Default Retaining my son

    My son is currently in 8th grade in public school. We spoke to the principal about retaining him because he is not doing well. They said he passed the first 1/2 of the year so they will promote him to HS. Our option was to pull him out before standardized testing and homeschool him. We can then as his homeschooling parent choose to retain him. Anyone have a similar experience? Any advise on what we sould do about homeschooling him for the next two months?

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    Default Re: Retaining my son

    That is so disheartening to hear! As his homeschooling parent, you have the ability to determine what is best for your son. By pushing him forward with him already struggling he could be getting set up to fail.

    One of things I personally love best about Time4Learning is you are granted access not only to his grade level but also those immediately above and below. You can then adjust each subject to the grade level he needs. For example, if his biggest struggles are in math, you can adjust that back a grade level in order to fill in learning gaps and help him gain confidence in learning again! (If you need to adjust by more than one grade level you can simply email support and let them know what you need.)

    Going forward these articles may help!

    4 Ways to Manage a Midyear Homeschool Transition

    The Homeschool Curriculum Comparison Checklist You Need Right Now

    Hope this helps! Good luck to you and your family!

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