Hi there I wanted to introduce myself for starters. My name is Jenn and I am a mom of three. I am homeschooling my two oldest children although I think that I am going to begin teaching my youngest (1) some things here shortly. Like when she is two. I have been doing school for myself as well so I am more then able to teach information. The things I have the most questions are just relate to subjects, requirements, and of course just methods so to speak. Currently my son is second grade and I do not believe that we are up to code with the other subjects although I have not really taken time out to explore the subjects by grades. We have done quite well in reading although not parts of speech and we are doing fairly well in Math but the complexity of higher math has stumped me on what to do. He is good with addition and subtraction, but I am worried about when he does have to go to a public school (if needed) he will be unable to complete the assigned material because he did not learn the common core. I really in no way want to teach this because I honestly think it is somewhat redundant, but overall I want to ensure that he is going to learn the best he can.

The biggest challenge we have faced thus far is the math and the guidelines so I am going to ask here. First, there is some confusion when I ask people about testing and age requirements. The public school mentioned their testing in school is not done until the end of 3rd grade, and I have been told 8. My son turned 8 just recently and is in second. Does this mean he is supposed to test at the end of this year or next? Most people told me that I can test him at the end of the year next year. We were told we could opt to do so beginning this year as well (so the end of the summer). I am not sure what I should do and if so what material should I be aware he should know? Also, for like field trips and such what options do people use for these said experiences? I have been lacking in that department. If I were going to take my kids to a place to teach them about say animals (my preschooler in a year or so) then I guess a petting zoo would suffice. What about for older children? Another question that I have been stumped on is what is all required for curriculum? My daughter (middle child--6 years old) is advanced as far as I am aware. She is just starting and she already knows how to read some materials and does addition and subtraction. We have also pushed fractions. When I contacted someone who does testing she said that she only tests for comprehension, grammar, and other language things and then Math like adding and subtracting. I asked if fractions, decimals, multiplication, and division were a part of this said testing. She said not that young. Where does this then come in? I am sure I have plenty of other questions but honestly I think I have held people up enough. As I go through with this program I am sure that I will have other questions. I thought about doing some type of online learning school like the ones that send materials to the home, but with my son I did not know if that was possible. The reason I chose to homeschool is because my oldest is extremely distracted and hyper and I wanted to make sure he got the one on one attention he needed to succeed.

Thanks for any responses or answers I get!!