Thinking About Homeschooling But Need Some Advice
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    Default Thinking About Homeschooling But Need Some Advice

    Thinking about homeschooling my kids as I am so tired of public school and the common core standards my question for y'all is....... What do I say to my husband to get him on board with it? He's always been in favor of public school but I feel like so much work is done on the computer at school why can't they be with me instead and I'll work with them as well as the computer work? I feel like it will free up a ton of their time through the day and they'll get to have time to have fun with friends in a group like this one. I would love some advice!
    Also if anyone has a schedule for a 6 & 7 year old's day I would greatly appreciate that as well! I want to make sure I have what it takes before I pull my kids out of school!
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    I found a local homeschool support group and went to their meeting with my husband. He got to meet other families and ask questions. I also did lots of research and presented him with all the facts. We agreed to try it. If it didn't work for us, we could always put them back in school. 14 years later, we're still homeschooling. It's the best choice we've made for our family!

    Our homeschool support group is very active. We have an event or field trip at least once a week. Normally my daughter does school for about 3 hours on Time4Learning. She's in 3rd and 4th grade. She also goes to ballet once a week, drama club once every other week, and Homeschool P.E. once a week. For a 6 & 7 year-old, I would add some copy work, which is just getting a classic Literature book and having them copy a few sentences.This helps with handwriting, vocabulary, spelling, and grammar. At age 7 I also started my kids journaling at least 3x a week. I keep all their journals in a big notebook. If they don't know what to write about, I give them a choice of 3 topics. If we've attended a field trip or an event, they can write about that. I hope that helps.
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