Is it Too Late to Start Homeschooling in High School?
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Thread: Is it Too Late to Start Homeschooling in High School?

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    Default Is it Too Late to Start Homeschooling in High School?

    I'm seriously considering homeschooling my three daughters after this school year is over - they will be going into 4th, 6th and 9th grade. They have been wanting to be homeschooled for quite a while now, and I feel like the time is finally right for our family. My concern, though, is that starting homeschooling in 9th grade might not be a wise decision for my oldest daughter's future. Will she miss out on too much as we transition from traditional schooling to homeschooling? Will her chances of being accepted into a good college be lessened, or will colleges look down on her for having made such a drastic change so late in the game? Are there homeschooling events for high schoolers/teens such as prom,graduation, etc.? I appreciate any advice and thank you so much ahead of time! - Marta

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    Default Re: Is it Too Late to Start Homeschooling in High School?

    Hi! I can't say if she'd feel like she's missing out, but you might be able to find co-ops or activities for teens in your area. Some homeschooling groups with have dances, parties, volunteer opps, etc. I don't think colleges would know of the chance since they generally don't get any information about years prior to 9th grade. My daughter was accepted into college with no problems. Most colleges only need SAT/ACT scores and transcripts.

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    Default Re: Is it Too Late to Start Homeschooling in High School?

    Hi Marta!

    I agree with Robin! There are so many opportunities for homeschooling families now! If you let us know what state you're in, there are likely folks around to help you connect with others in your area.

    Also -- don't feel your children must be completely isolated from their public / private school counterparts. There are numerous chances for them to socialize through sports, hobbies, 4-H groups, science or book clubs, music, dance, etc.

    Many colleges and universities now actively recruit homeschoolers as they've discovered they tend to outperform *AND* have a higher graduation rate. Along with the ACT / SAT scores Robin mentioned, you will want to be sure to maintain a good transcript. Trust this is MUCH easier to do as you go along vs. scrambling Senior year, trying to pull it together! This article offers a sample you can use:

    Homeschool High School Transcript Template

    For more High School Homeschooling Resources bookmark:

    If you have more questions or concerns please just ask!


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    We are raising our 14 year old granddaughter and last year she started asking us to please homeschool her. I am a retired elementary teacher, and I did NOT think it was a good idea because of regular conflicts between middle school age girl and parental figures. We were aware that there were a lot of social issues, drama, 'fake friends' and even some verbal bullying, but didn't realize how much those things affected her life and our family life. After much consideration, we agreed to homeschooling - which also freed us up to move to a farm in the country, since we could move out of the county with the best school system.
    Although this was our granddaughter's choice, she is missing out on a more active social life, but that also excludes her from a lot of drama and social media/friend issues. Our home life is much more peaceful, we have been able to take time off or she has been able to visit her uncles and aunts for a week at a time (in different states) and she actually spend more time actually learning.
    This is our first year homeschooling, and there is absolutely no right ONE way to homeschool, nor is there one correct curriculum... there are an infinite number of ways to homeschool and what to homeschool, limited only by required state testing. (for accountability). She has become an even better student and actually enjoys learning, loves to take the online quizzes and tests to measure her success. She is quite self-motivated. We know what she is learning and we talk more about topics and subjects together. We also can include life skills and after a semester, we can adapt and include some Project Based learning activities and projects.
    Time4Learning is a good foundation and keeps us accountable and more confident!

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