trying to get homeschooling started for my 7th and 9th grader, need help
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    Default trying to get homeschooling started for my 7th and 9th grader, need help

    My name is Tracy Embler. I am attempting to home school my children. I have no idea where to start as far as getting cirriculum, materials. I know how to make lesson plans and cirriculum, it's just getting the materials to do so. I have already been qualified to home school my children. I have one child who has an emotional disorder, and he does not do well in school. This same school he had been attending, he was offered drugs. I was terrified. I wanted to pull him out of school immediately. Then he got kicked out and sent to alternative school. The teacers there were quite demeaning to my child. We tried explaining his emotional disorder and the fact that he was on medication to help him and under a doctor's care. The very staff who were to help him there, were the biggest bullies moreso than the children whom the staff referred to as little thugs. Not much room for encouiragement there. Certainly ruined my son's self esteem, and discouraged his will to go to school. Education is a necessity, however, tearing a child down to force them to do what they need to is unnecissary. I would just like to get some help on how to get started. My children will never go to a public school again. How do I get help? What are some efficient, yet less costly materials for them? if anyone can help my phone number is 901 208 6083. My email address is [email protected]. Thanks

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    Most people on this forum are using Time4Learning. I've found it to be a good fit for my son. But there are many more options out there. I did "unschooling" with my daughter in 5th through 7th grade, and that worked very well for her, since she's an avid reader. It sounds like you want something more structured for your children.

    There are a variety of curriculums available, both computer based and the kind with actual textbooks. You might want to ask about curriculum ideas on a forum that's not connected to a specific product. is one I'm familiar with, though there may be more. You can also look on facebook for local groups. This forum also has a section for each state, which is a great resource for your state education laws, regardless of whether or not you decide to purchase time4learning.

    Since you're starting in the middle of the year, you may prefer a curriculum where you pay per month, rather than having to buy the whole year's worth of materials even if your'e only using 3/4 of them.
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