I recently moved in with my son, who is a single Dad of 4 children, ages 4-13. He wants them Homeschooled because of all the trauma they have gone through the last 10 months, and disruption in their lives. I went to college to be a teacher, but never finished, and I love being their coach. I am having a problem with the 13 year old girl. The first week, she refused to do most of her lessons, and spent maybe 2 hours a day, on the ones she did. She was failing everything. After a long talk from her Father, she started applying herself. Incidentally, she hates Public School, as she does not socialize well. All of a sudden, this past week, she is again slacking off. As of today, she is 11 activities behind. Yesterday, I gave her an answer sheet for an open book test in Social Studies. She only made 47% on the test. When I asked her to do the test over, she refused. She just looked at me, like I was an idiot, smiled and said, "no". I have tried to talk to my son about the kids and their progress. Anything negative, he gets pissed off and says, "if they fail, they can repeat the grade". He is so stressed and working so hard, I am not sure what to do. Do I tell him about this latest incident, or are there any suggestions, as to how I can handle it myself? I hate to leave it as a failing grade, as she has so many now. My thought is, once he sees her first report card, maybe that will open his eyes. Any comments or suggestions? The other 2 are doing great. Thanks. Sorry for this being so lengthy.