wanting to homeschool but dont know where to start.how do special needs services work
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    Default wanting to homeschool but dont know where to start.how do special needs services work

    I have 2 kiddos currently in public school. We have had so many issues and at this point, homeschooling seems to be the best option for everyones safety and sanity. However, I have no clue where to begin! Also, my daughter is in 3rd grade and has Autism, so how would all of her services like speech and PT work? Any input,info or guidance would be lovely! thanks!

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    Default Good question

    My family will be moving back to the state in the next month or so. One of my children currently is in public school with an IEP and everything. I am also wondering how this would all work since she sees someone for speech etc.

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    I have a daughter with Down syndrome. Her speech therapy and occupational therapy are covered by her Medicaid. Some states allow you to continue or to receive speech therapy through the local school. Our state allows that, but we chose not to go that route.
    You may want to ask this question at the Special Needs forum. I'd also advise you to contact HSLDA. That's the Homeschool Legal Defense Association. They have a department that answers questions like this regarding homeschooling children with special needs.
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