why marked incomplete? how to print take quiz using activity LA #?
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    Default why marked incomplete? how to print take quiz using activity LA #?

    This is my first time4learning experience. I have completed work that has been exited properly, yet the mark is incomplete. I am guessing there may have been wrong answers. How do others handle this? do I have my child retake until it is complete or move on. Another problem I encountered is when using the activity LA code. I don't understand how to access quizzes.
    Thank you

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    Hi, Rick. Maybe you are looking beneath the Recent Work tab instead of the actual Reports tab. ALL program access appears there . . . even incomplete work. When you go to the actual Reports tab, the reports you generate will only include completed work that has been exited correctly. Having wrong answers won't cause it to be marked as incomplete.

    Unfortunately, the Activity finder can't be used to locate quizzes or tests. If you are using the program in sequence, log in to your student's account and just keep clicking on the next icon that isn't checked off. When you reach a page of icons that is all checked off except for the quiz or test, you will know you have arrived.

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