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    What do i do if my daughter just did not do well on T4L quizzes? we are putting her back in school and Im not sure if they will make her repeat this grade level because of it.

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    When my son gets a lower grade we go back over the unit and then take the test again. Perhaps he wasn't paying attention or maybe he just didn't understand it the first time through. If he still doesn't understand the material we either drop back a grade level for a bit or we skip that section and come back to it in a few weeks. Sometimes they are just not ready to learn a specific topic but if you come back in a few weeks they are ready.

    As far as putting your daughter back in school, they will probably test her to see where she is at. They will place her in the appropriate grade level for her understanding. Other schools will just put them in at their age level and hope they czan do the work. Either way you have the summer to catch up.
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