In doubt to withdrawal from the system as homeschool just as private school
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    Question In doubt to withdrawal from the system as homeschool just as private school

    Hi, I have been reading and doing research on homeschooling and I did homeschool my girls when they were younger. But in a different language and different country. We put them in the public school so they would learn the English faster and they did they even read and are in reading level for the grades.
    I have been reading different postings and some parents suggest not to mention my intention to homeschool that its not any concern or there is no obligation to give more information. Should I just write they will be attending in "September 2011-2012 in a private school" and leave it at that. Are they going to ask anything else?
    Please any advise or suggestions are welcomed. Thank you

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    You can certainly try to send a letter that says they will be attending private school. If they do ask the name of that private school you could then say that you will be homeschooling. Some school districts will give you a harder time about it than others will. You could even try just sending a letter stating that your children will not be returning to their school in the fall.
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