I was wondering what special holiday traditions you celebrate with your family during this time of the year.

We like to make cookies and share them with our friends.

Our family will go out in about two weeks to find our special Yule Tree. We will bring it in and decorate it to remember that even though things look dark and dreary outside, life continues to go on. The evergreens remind us of this.

Every year on the weekend closest to the Winter Solstice, we have a party with all our friends. We use this time to celebrate all the good things that have happened during the year and to make wishes for things we would like to see in the next year. We pin these wishes onto the Yule log. As the log is burned our wishes are carried up into the heavens.

On Christmas Eve we gather together with my husband's Jewish sister and her family and their Catholic parents to share gifts with each other. The we have a special dinner on Christmas Day to celebrate family.

What traditions do you have with your family? We'd love to hear about them.