first time high school homeschooler with questions
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    Default first time high school homeschooler with questions

    Hi, I appreciate any and all advice.
    First, if I start homeschooling in November, how do I know where in the curriculum to begin so my son will be done by June?
    Second, how do I create my own transcripts?
    Thank you!

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    Default Re: first time high school homeschooler with questions


    Within your parent login, there is a Curriculum Calculator that might help you. You put in your start and end dates and it returns a list of how many activities in each subject your student would need to do to finish in that amount of time.

    If there are more than two or three activities per subject per day for your student to do, you may want to eliminate some of them. To do this, use the Detailed Plan instead of the Curriculum Calculator. Here is a thread that explains one way you could decide what to eliminate from your plan.

    Let's Homeschool High School has printable transcript templates. After making transcripts "from scratch" for my first three kids, I used their template for my fourth and it was sooo much easier!

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