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    Hi ALL! my name is Theresa. I'm a Real estate agent and vacation planner. My husband is a contractor; we are both working but both independent contractors. I am a former school teacher who became fed up with the system. We have a 2 year old little girl and, although she is not old enough to start school, I would like to start doing research to see if homeschooling for her is possible; I would also Like to know how I go about getting started. I went to the NJ Homeschooling site, but it is all just legal jargon and does nothing in the way of guiding you in preparing to home school. Maybe I missed that part but I didnt see it anywhere. I would really love to hear from those of you who have started out and what preparations you went through. I would love to speak one on one if anyone is willing.
    Thanks in advance!!!!!

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    I was a homeschooling mom in NJ for several years. After a divorce last year I came home to Iowa. My son never attended school in NJ. There really is nothing you have to do to start out. There are no requirements for registration or reporting or testing in NJ. You just start. My advice is to find a great homeschool group. Depending on the part of the state you are in the groups would be different. I loved NJ Homeschool Hangout. It is a Meetup group and does have a membership fee but it's not very much. I was also a part of GECHO. They are a yahoo group. Tri-State Homeschoolers is in NJ, NY, and Connecticut. They are great. There is a great soccer team in Edison. It is through Rovers Soccer. Spencer is great with the kids. I think they start at age 3. There are monthly homeschool classes at Historic Speedwell in Morristown. (You little one is a bit young for them.) They also have monthly classes at MacCoullah Hall in Morristown. I loved the monthly classes at Cooper's Gristmill in Chester. Plus they sell fresh ground flour that they make right there. Liberty Science Center has classes on a regular basis even for little ones. Make sure you get your teacher discount cards, A. C. Moore, Michaels, Barnes and Noble, Staples. Some places will want an id card to show you are a homeschooler. You can print your own at Homeschool Buyer's Club.

    As far as curriculum, we have been faithful time4learning members since preK. For little ones, play, play, play, and read a lot. Also allow her to see you reading for pleasure. This encourages reading in little ones.

    That gives you a few places to start looking. Best wishes.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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