hello I am new have a question regarding foreign language supplementation
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    Default hello I am new have a question regarding foreign language supplementation

    My daughter is would be starting high school in the fall and we have decided to homeschool. Our local high shool requires 2 years foreign language . time 4 learning does not offer that. would anyone out there recommend rosetta stone? it seems like a great learning tool but its not a curriculum . There are 2 versions , the homeschool version which only uses CD's which wont work for us because we have laptops and there is the personal version which they say is more up to date and has more features. but there would be no proof of the child taking the coursework if I ever needed it. Am I making any sense. I would love for my daughter to learn Spanish but I would want her to be able to receive credit for her work. Can anyone make any suggestions

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    We have used Rosetta Stone, and we've also used Live Mocha (sort of like Rosetta Stone, but free). They both provide reports similar to Time4Learning's reports (intended for parent records, but useful in negotiating with schools). Schools vary in their willingness to accept homeschool work for credit. It often comes down to the opinion of the specific individual that you are speaking with, since there are no rules about what they must or may not accept.

    If you want a program that provides "official" credit, you need to look for an online school instead of a curriculum. They are very expensive. Since I haven't used any of them, I can't provide information about which ones might allow your student to take just Spanish (or any other single course).

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