To Homeschool or Not to Homeschool
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    I am currently facing the dilemma of homeschooling or not. I am currently unemployed, but we've been able to continue sending my son to his school (a Catholic school) for his kindergarten year, and we love the school. However, if I remain unable to find employment, it is most likely that we will not be able to afford it next year.

    We live in Trenton, and I am not a fan of sending my boys to Trenton public schools, so I am seriously considering homeschooling. Anyone who can give me any insight into what it is really like to homeschool, especially for a first timer, I would really appreciate it. This is a huge decision, and I feel that homeschooling will be the best option, I just need to find out more about it.


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    One of the first things I would suggest is to look online for support groups in the Trenton area. Go to the park days, attend as many activities as you can so you can meet the other families and your son can meet the kids. If you look on the resources page you might be able to find a group on there that is in the Trenton area. We belong to GECHO which is in Essex County. We are also part of NJ Homeschool Hangout which has activities all over the state.

    My son is 7 years old and in second grade. For us, Time4Learning takes about an hour and a half on the days we use it. If we have park days or other activities we may not get to T4L. We do not supplement T4L with other formal activities. I know some families do. But I just do't see the need. T4L teaches all the basics. We do add a lot of outdoor activities. We go to Nature Centers and Environmental Centers for the classes they offer. We go to the art museum once a month for homeschool day. And we go to a lot of community theater events. I don't know how far Morristown is from Trenton, but they have monthly plays during the day for the kids. In April we are going to Mommoth Follies. It teaches a lot about history from the great mammoths on to today. Homeschool soccer will be starting again in April. It is in Edison on Wednesday mornings.

    NJ is one of the easiest states to homeschool in. You don't have to notify anyone that you are homeschooling. Since your son has never been in public school they don't really know you exist. Just notify your catholic school that he will not be returning in the fall and then you are good to go. In NJ we do not have to file any reports, keep an records, or get anyone's permission to homeschool our children.

    Welcome to the forums.
    Please ask any and all questions that you have. We will all try to answer them for you.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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