Homeschooling 12th Grade
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    My son is currently a senior at his high school and we are having issues with the school administration. Long story. Any way, he does not want to finish his senior year with them and due to the circumstances, I don't want him to either. According to his records, he only needed to take his senior English course to graduate but making him take other classes to keep him there the whole day. Is it possibe to just home school him the required English course to obtain his diploma so I can get him out of there.

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    If his ENG IV is the only lacking requirement and he has met the other HS graduation requirements, you might approach the school to see if through option 2 he could take the course at a local community college and then transfer the credits back under the option 2 program offered by the state of NJ to satisfy his graduation requirements and get his HS diploma. You may have to write a proposal to the school board for approval of this request, based on the district.

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