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    Default Lots of questions

    My daughter is an Elite USAG gymnast. Her training requires long hours and school hours interfere with her getting propper sleep, schooling and training. I am totally confused on the "accredited non-accredited" home schooling. From what I have read on here, there no need for accredited until they reach the high school level? She is going into 4th grade so we have a few years before that. Is there testing she will need to do for each grade level through the school district? I'm also reading that NJ is fairly easy to deal with when it comes to home schooling. Any help would be appreciated!!!!

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    Default Considering homeschooling my kids but don't know where to start....

    Hello. I'm thinking about homeschooling my 12yr old girl and 9 yr old boy. We have moved from NC and they were attending a year round school. With the move and all, they don't feel comfortable coming into another school in the middle of the year. I've thought abt K12 private online but that is alittle to much for 2 kids and of course NJ doesn't have a tuition free program. I don't know where to begin, this is all new to me. I would appreciate some info from some moms or dads who has gone through this. Thanks in advance!

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