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    I am considering taking my 8th grade daughter out of public school and home schooling her. She is having lots of behavioral problems and is severely suffering academically. I am trying to find a high-school curriculum that is low-cost. I work part time only so... Any help would be appreciated on how to get started and where.


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    Those early teen years are so difficult for many children. I wish there was a way to zap them fro 9 to maybe 16 or so. Many kids have behavioral problems at this age because they are just so overwhelmed with all the changes they are going through. Homeschooling is often a great choice for these kids. I so wish that Time4Learning would continue on in to the high school years. But for now it doesn't. I am not familiar with online high school programs as my son is only in 3rd grade. I did find a discussion on one of the forums about beyond 8th grade. You may find some help there. Are you involved in any homeschool groups. There are many of them in New Jersey that you might want to connect with. I know there are a lot of high school aged kids in our soccer group. Perhaps connecting with other teens that way would be a help to you.

    Good luck on your search.
    Kathi Homeschooling Mama to Twelve year old Dakota

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