New to T4L living in NJ currently
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    Wink New to T4L living in NJ currently

    Just wanted to pop in with a quick hello to all. New here and wanted to introduce myself and tell you a little about us and how we got here

    We are new to T4L but not the Odyssey program, as it was used as a base K12 school in Colorado for elementary, joined with spelling city and overseen by the public schools there, Odyssey program for middle school students was also used alongside Brain Honey and spelling city, overseen by the public school as well. My children tested at the end of each year just like all students in the state.

    In New Jersey I have not seen that they offer the K12 program free of charge for us to use, so I was thrilled to find it on T4L and it's cheaper for my middle school and high school student than a months worth of school lunches for one of them!!!!

    A little about us, as you can see we have done homeschooling before, we are military. 3 of our now grown daughters were schooled via K12 and our youngest son, this is the first full year our 13 year old is doing it.

    When we moved to NJ last year we decided to put both boys in public school, our oldest son which was all advanced honors classes when moving here....... for the first time ever, hated school, he didn't want to go, his teachers were calling me complaining (I had NEVER had a call from the school before) he refused to go on field trips unless I was with him, and after the first one it was clear to see why. The kids were unruly, teachers had zero control, they were throwing food at homeless people in Philly out the bus windows, it was AWFUL. When we received his mid-term report card he had a D and F, and a whole lot of incomplete homework! That was IT, we pulled him and he's actually skipped his 8th grade year and went straight into 9th and making 100% scores, BUT he is challenged with this program as well, so it's not a breeze, which is good. Once a child loses total motivation to learn, it's time to step in and figure out something different!

    Our youngest son lasted 2 weeks in public school before the teacher called me and I am not joking when I quote......... "I don't know if he gonna make it in my class, somethin wrong with him, he go to special ed in his old school?" Literally........exactly what she said, number one, no he won't make it because she can't speak English much less teach it to my child, she requested a meeting with me and the way she spoke about my son had me in tears the entire time I was there. While I was researching home school laws and programs for NJ, my son (5th grade) came home crying, this teacher found out that he didn't know the names of his classmates and told him he had 4 days to memorize them all, she put him in front of the class and humiliated him horribly. I sent the teacher, principle and superintendent an email, the teacher called me at 9:30pm 3 days later. I had the information I needed and was DONE!
    My son is DYSLEXIC, and they knew it, they had ALL of his records and she treated him like he was complete moron.

    Today, my son is in the 7th grade, doing pre-algebra and making perfect scores, he is able to take his time, take breaks and focus without pressure. Our 13 year old 9th grade student LOVES it so far, he gets up every morning and wants to get started right away! We made the right choice.

    Thanks to T4L for bringing the Odyssey program to us!!!!!!

    Hope to meet more members in our area.


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    Default Questions about your home schooling, need advice please help.

    We had a doctor's appointment for both of my kids today. My littlest one got shots and my oldest who is now 5 was terrified that he was going to get them. He has always been terrified of needles so this was nothing new, he has been this way since birth. The doctor's office was well aware that I want to home school my children for almost 100% of the reason that your children hated it. The schools here are awful and have gotten worse since I have went to them. Today though really set me off and I am still very upset. Because of my sons fear of shots apparently now I am to blame which upsets as well as puzzles me. Apparently because I want to home school my kids his "behavior" isn't that of a 5 year old. The kid is terrified of needles and I don't blame him I was worse than him with shots at his age and I went to public school! Some how him going to public school was said to fix his fears of needles and this makes no sense to me what so ever. Then he started 100 questioning me about is the school Accredited, with who, who says they are the best home schooling, are they socialized enough (he feels they are not all of a sudden even though they are), why is this school an option. By the time we left I was almost in tears and well I am still shaking over it. This is the first time we have had a report like this and are always told how well spoken they are as well as social and friendly.
    We were really looking at The Cambridge Academy but are unsure of our choice now thanks to that visit. PreK-12 Private Online Education - The Cambridge Academy. We want them home schooled because we know that is what is best for them and we want them to have the best education that they can get. After reading your post I was wondering about the school you used. Are they accredited, will they help them throughout life, will they be acknowledged by colleges, will the law give me trouble with this school? Sorry I am probably 100 questioning you now lol but we could really use some advice on this. I am sorry if this seems all over the place but I am very shaken up -.-. It really has me feeling like I am such a bad person for wanting the best for my kids. Would appreciate any help and information. Thank you for your time .

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    Cool I'm so sorry this has taken so long, hope you see it.

    I rarely visit the forum, so when I did I read your response to my intro and 'story' about how we got here.

    To be straightforward, the state of NJ makes homeschooling very easy; my children do not have to take any state testing, nor do we have to report anything to any district. If, in fact, they do come calling for some reason I keep detailed records.

    Graduation/Diploma/College: Our oldest is 14 and finishing 9th grade, the T4L curriculum has been challenging enough to maintain a full time (not always full days) schedule as if it was a 'normal' school year. Right now they do not offer a diploma, our son will take all tests that regular high school students do when the time comes, but he will obtain his GED as well, because of detailed records, scores and the normal testing he will have in a portfolio, I am not one bit concerned with any college not accepting him; he wants to be a software developer and I am here to make sure he gets everything he needs to obtain that goal. Next year, at 15 years old he will begin entry level college classes obtaining certificates to help build that portfolio; he will, in fact have more education under his belt than most graduating students from a 'normal' school.

    What type of school you chose is just that: your choice, we really like the flexibility of T4L, if we want to take off for 2 weeks on a crazy whim for a vacation...we do. We are under no time/day restrictions what-so-ever. There are no 'scheduled' lectures from online educators, and no time restrictions on assignments. Our boys can do their school work at mid-night if that was our way of life (not, just saying...haha) I did check into the more costly schools (something like the online charter academy you spoke of) and found it wouldn't fit our lifestyle well, nor...the budget, but of course they have educators and staff to pay, which is understandable.

    Our boys are very socialized, on our little street alone there are MANY home school children and they are able to hang out all the time, they have a membership at our youth center, are members of 4H and spend their summers outside at the pool or in nature, so being anti-social and being a home school child is just out the window for our family anyway. I believe a child can withdraw within the school systems and be anti-social, so some one can be very alone, even when surrounded by people; that has nothing to do with being home schooled.

    What they said about your child really irks me also, one of my daughters use to be restrained to get an immunization, she kicked a heavy metal desk across the room and slapped a nurse, her sisters looked at her like she was crazy, and just sat there while getting theirs. But one was terrified of needles and it's not our fault as parents.

    Our children are not in the school systems to get tough, although these days they have to be I guess, with so much hate, judgment and complete lack of respect for fellow human beings, it's all about 'self' and attention, regardless of actions needed to get it.

    You do what you feel is right for YOUR child, for us, we use T4L and Spelling City and our kids are thriving! We had to use structured state approved programs (or provide documented verification) as well as do state testing in our previous state, but we used the exact same program T4L uses, the only difference was there were teachers involved and the public school system kept records.

    Wishing you all the best, I hope what I shared helps and answers your questions.

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    Default Reply

    Oh thank you! I am in tears atm still trying to find more info on accreditation and all of that -.-. Truth is I have NO clue what I am to look for or aim for. I know I went to these schools and man I was less than happy when I was there. I was withdrawn from most of my piers in school mostly cause I found them to be to immature for my taste, lol and they were my age! The teachers, well I really can't say I got along with all of them and was even bullied by at least 2 a year....this is not what I want for my kids. I am so afraid of doing something wrong though. They make you feel like you are a horrible parent for wanting to give your kid the best education. Also I have no idea where to enroll him this year or what to do. I am terrified of having my kids taken away on the sole basis that I want to home school them for better education.
    That doc visit still has me upset every time we go.. I am now paranoid about him saying something else. So far he has been good with our daughter, well as of last visit. One day he is so critical then the next few visits everything is great. I don't get it. I even tried to explain how I was the same as a child, with needles I mean. He insisted that these aren't learned genetically even though I had never said that. All I said was I acted the same way come time for shots and that he probably got that from me. Seriously what kid likes shots? It is not like he acts like that with strangers or ppl talking to him it is just for shots. We always joke that he is to social lol. Sometimes people look at him odd cause he just is not afraid to be social. He will just start up a convo or show you a toy that he is getting as he is going past you lol. To us he is over social lol.
    Still trying to get info on the site and decide what to do. I love that it is everything that a normal school is and even has a social time but it is out of our budget to. This is something that we are trying to figure out as well. I really do not want a huge fight on my hands from the state either -.-. Honestly have no idea what to look at lol. I was on home-bound a lot in school cause I was always sick. This was a nightmare with the exception of the very last teacher to do it, we loved her. The others were nosy and even went and sampled the food my grandmother was cooking on the stove when she walked out of the room 0.o. How unprofessional was that!?
    Does T4L teach you how to keep portfolios for the kids? Just in case the school board asks. Cause I have no idea where to start. I really just want them to get the best education possible and have a diploma to go to any college that they want. Sorry for rambling lol just feel like I am going crazy trying to figure everything out. OH and don't even get me started on the crazy/concerned looks I get when I am asked about their schooling and being home schooled....Anyone else get this? Thank you so much for your advise and help.

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    HI, I was just curious how things were going with your kids and if you are using T4L and figured out how to make a portfolio. I used T4L for my son who just finished grade K and want to make sure I am keeping the correct paperwork. When people ask about him being home schooled, the only question I seem to be asked is "does he socialize enough, he needs to socialize" not once do I get asked about what he is learning, which puzzles me. He is a quick learner and gets great grades but everyone only speaks of socializing. He is more social than I am and I went to catholic school and public high and I do not like socializing at all.

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