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    Hi. I will be homeschooling for the first time. I am against kids being taught just to do well on a test, however, if possible I would still like my child to take the NJ Ask so I can see how she does compared to when she was in public school and to ensure we are on track. Is it possible to still take the NJ ASK even when you homeschool?

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    NJ Ask is for public school kids only. It is not available at this time to homeschool students. There are study guides and workbooks for the NJ Ask that you can find online. Using these would give you an idea of your child's level. Or you could order one of the many other tests that are available to Parents.
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    Default CAT5/terra nova

    Hi, I homeschool my 10th grade child and I found that the CAT or Terra Nova was a fantastic standardized test to help me evaluate how we were doing at home. You can get the test and or practice tests from Piedmont Educational Services. Just order online, however there's a certain turn around time and the test must be back to them in approx. 2 weeks time from when you receive it. Once you send the test back, (computer generated results), they will email you results which you can print and put into your child's portfolio for record keeping. This test is highly reviewed and accepted as well. Hope this helps you out.

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