Is NJ as strict as NY about homeschooling?
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    Default Is NJ as strict as NY about homeschooling?

    Here in Albany county, I am required to submit quarterly reports, notices of intent, and their curriculum annually. How hard or easy is it to homeschool in NJ and are the children still required to take state assessment exams like here in NY?

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    Hi and Welcome to the forums. Good news. New Jersey is a dream to homeschool in. There are NO requirements whatsoever. If your children are in school in New Jersey it is a courtesy to notify the school that you will be removing them to homeschool. This allows the school to close their files on your children and to make sure you don't get visits from an attendance officer. If your children are not already in New Jersey schools than you don't have to do anything at all. No testing, no reports, no filing a letter of intent. Nothing. It's a great place to homeschool.
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