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    Hey, hope you guys can help me out with this.
    I put my 3 years old to the local free pre-k in Union City, NJ. (7hrs/5days/week)
    I wanted to work, but my son can't sleep in the nights anymore from the anxiety, and having fever weekly.
    He is not himself anymore, and crying for everything, also he started to have anger issues.
    I was told that he will get used to it, but after one month he is getting even worse. He is begging not to bring him to school anymore, like every half hour, even on the weekends.
    Since he is not getting better, I don't want to torture him like that, and considering just pulling him out.
    But an elementary school teacher just told me that you can't pull your kid out from school, because you will get arrested.
    Is that true?

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    As I read your post, I was reminded of what I went through with my youngest. I was already homeschooling her older brother and sister, but I put her in school because she has special needs and I was insecure with my ability to homeschool her. She would cry every morning. And during the school breaks, she seemed so much happier. So I pulled her out after Spring Break, after noticing how much better she had done at home, and how much more she had learned in comparison to the entire year. She is a teenager now and we are still homeschooling and loving it! Best choice we've ever made...to homeschool our kids!

    As for you getting arrested for pulling your kid out from school...ummm NO! LOL. I've always wanted to use that face....That teacher may just not be familiar with homeschooling and the Home Education laws. Homeschooling is legal in ALL 50 states. Most teachers are against homeschooling because they tend to take offense. They went to school and received special training to be a teacher, and here are moms thinking they can pull their kids from school and do as well a job or even better. But I also know a large number of homeschool moms who are certified teachers and have left the school system to homeschool their own kids. In my opinion, my kids are getting a better education at home because they receive one on one attention, they are able to pursue their own personal interests, and there is no peer pressure they have to deal with every day....and our reasons for homeschooling grow each year.

    I want to share this link for more information on homeschooling in New Jersey. This link is a pdf summary of the homeschool law for New Jersey.

    You just do what you think is best for your boy. If you're able to stay home and homeschool, I would say give it a try. It doesn't have to be permanent. He's little, too. Only 3, right? If you're familiar with Pinterest, there are so many great ideas for educational crafts and pre-k hands-on learning. And Time4Learning has a fun animated pre-k program. The most important thing you can do, though, is read, read and read some more to him. Get audio books at the library to play at home and in the car. Foster a love for reading.

    Best wishes to you!!
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