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    I am new to home schooling. I have daughter starting high school and wishes to be home schooled. It is something that I always have desired. Can anybody give their experiences? Time invested on a daily basis, etc.?

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    I do not have a high schooler yet. But I have homeschooled my son since he was in preK. As he gets older he has become more and more independent in his work. My son has a very short attention span so I have to keep redirecting him to stay focused on his work. Even with this he rarely works more than two hours per day.

    For a high schooler they should be even more self directed. They may work more hours per day but the work will not need much supervision from you. Time4Learning has just come out with their new highschool program. With it she can work through the lessons on her own. Then at the end of her school day you can go over the material with her if you want to. Or look at her test scores. It's easy and the program keeps all the records for you.

    Since there are no laws in New Jersey, you don't have to report to anyone. But I like to keep the records for my own peace of mind. I print out the lesson plans. Then each day as my son finishes his work I write the scores on the lesson plans.
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