Secular,Liberal NJ Parents Buck Homeschool Trend
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Thread: Secular,Liberal NJ Parents Buck Homeschool Trend

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    Default Secular,Liberal NJ Parents Buck Homeschool Trend

    I came across this article today and I was wondering what the rest of you think about it. Do you homeschool for religious reasons or are you one of the "hippies"? How do you think homeshcooling in New Jersey will change if they pass the two laws mentioned in the article? Will you stay here or will you leave the state?
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    Default Almost offended

    If I was the type to get offended.. I am an atheist and far from a hippie!. Constitutional Libertarian if you must know. I sought out homeschooling because I am sick of the school system it does not let the child grow naturally nor learn it teaches all to same level.. you all know that. I signed up my son (this is his first year) for the Ron Paul Curriculum , I had such great hopes for it as it touted Freedom and Liberty and a running business for the student by end of high school.. However, the first day the first lesson was history. The subject "History begins with Genisis" uh.. well i kept him in for a few more weeks to see, but another lesson on India stating that while the 'religion of India is one of searching for answers, but we do not need to do that because we have the answers in christ!" I was signing up for school not church and the class was not philosphy or even theology it was history.. and to say the world began in 10000 BC. mmmm.. no couldn't keep him there.... SO search went on for a secular homeschool and led us here.. have fingers crossed.

    Have another question.. is ANYONE or is there ANY clubs in eastern Monmouth County by the beach.
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