Time4Learning covers Common Core?
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    Default Time4Learning covers Common Core?

    Hello all,

    New to this, and am considering homeschooling my kindergartener.

    He's been in school (first time) since the Fall, but has been sick constantly.

    Also, he doesn't seem to enjoy being there and I think would be happier/benefit from being home.

    Does Time4Learning cover Common Core standards as required by NJ law?

    Also, is it acceptable to pull him from school mid-year?

    Thanks in advance for any insight!

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    Hi there! T4L has not made changes to the curriculum to align specifically with common core. The Time4Learning curriculum is designed to correlate to all state standards, and uses a variety of teaching styles to provide for the requirements and preferences of students across the US and beyond. The teaching approach used in some activities might appear similar to common core methods, while many others will not. The curriculum provides parents a wide variety of lessons with the flexibility to use the materials as they need.
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