Use of LA# only for lessons
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    Question Use of LA# only for lessons

    Hi Everyone -- I'm sure there is someone out there who can guide me on the right track. This is my first year using Time4Learning Program. I printed out the weekly activity calendar for each subject and saw an LA# for activities. This is the first day of school for us and I don't want to get started out wrong. Can we use LA# that is provided for the activity or do we need to use and/or complete the other lessons provided? We did 7 activities today and only 1 had a score? The rest had N/A in score. I am quite confused right now. Thank you for your help.

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    I have never used the activity scheduler so I'm not totally familiar with it. We start at the first lesson and just work through them in order until we finish the subject. The scheduler helps you plan out your year so that you complete subject within your school year. If you did seven activities in one day I'm sure you're doing okay. The LA# should match up with the lesson plans.

    Some of the activities are learning activities. These activities are not graded. Then there are the activities that are meant to test or evaluate how well you have learned the material. These are the lessons that are graded.

    I hope this clears up some of the mystery for you.
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