What is your daily schedule?
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    Default What is your daily schedule?

    Hello everyone,

    I am looking for insight into planning a daily/weekly schedule for the kids. I have created a weekly schedule template in Open Office, broken down into 15 minute intervals, although I doubt that I will be using 15 minute intervals for anything.

    My question comes in with the electives/special subjects, i.e. art, science, music, gym, etc. How do you schedule these into your week? I want to be sure to have everything ready to go and planned as best as I can before I pull the kids out of public school.

    Thanks for any insight!

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    The way we work things is I put all outside activities in to my calendar. Soccer, Field Trips, things like that. Then we work our time4learning in around our outside activities. To me going to places like the art museum, the science museum, historical sites, soccer, even homeschool park days, are just as important, maybe even more important that sitting down and working on the curriculum. I think my son learns as much or more at those activities than he does online. And what he learns at those places sticks with him more. We try to do time4learning for an hour or two three or four days a week. But that totally depends on our schedule.
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