1st day of first grade! Spelling word ideas anyone?
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    Default 1st day of first grade! Spelling word ideas anyone?

    We started first grade today with my daughter. I am nervous on how to introduce the spelling words. Mostly I am very unsure of which ones to introduce and how many each week. I printed out the first grade spelling word list already. Any ideas would be appreciated.

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    Hi there! I posted what we do in another thread, but just in case you didn't see it (or others that don't see it), I will post here again:

    We use SpellingCity.com. I would take all the words in the 1st grade spelling list, divide the total number of those words by the number of weeks in your school year, and take the final number to make weekly word lists with. Creating a list at SpellingCity is super easy, you can create a free account and there are tons of games to play, which is of course a fun way to reinforce and practice.

    Good luck!
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