1st time homeschooler in SC
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    Default 1st time homeschooler in SC

    Hi! My name is Brandi. I am 42 and I am although I have older children (1 son and 2 step sons that are all college age), I am homeschooling my 7 year old son for the 1st time. I just got tired of how things have changed from when the other boys were little. My youngest was only in kindergarten when he would come home and tell me how kids were stealing from him, cussing, lying, hitting etc. When he tried to tell the teacher, on many occasions, she just seemed annoyed and too busy to deal with it! First grade (in a different state) was even worse! So here we go! As someone else said "Let's do this!" I'm a bit nervous about us both having the self control to not cheat or take too many days off! Hopefully, he will enjoy this and it will be worth it!

    Looking foreword to getting to know some other homeschoolers!

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    Great to have you here! Welcome! Check out the Getting Started with Time4Learning (under the helpful resources tab, to of page, I can't get my links to work as well as your state forums for information on homeschooling in South Carolina. We look forward to seeing you around the forums!
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    Hi Brandy. It's great to meet you. Look around the forums. If you have any questions, feel free to as sk.
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