Advice on homeschooling my 17 year old.
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    Default Advice on homeschooling my 17 year old.

    Hello, I live in San Antonio, Tx. and my daughter is a junior in high school this year. She was diagnosed with
    dyslexia in second grade and has been struggling ever since. I have been her advocate and have made sure that she always received the help she needed. This year has been the worst for her. Because of budget cuts to our district, my daughter was not able to get the help she needed and her teachers are so back logged trying to keep up with 30 students per class that my daughter is falling through the cracks. I want to home school her next year, however I don't know where to begin. Academically, she is not doing well and I know that I can help her at home. I would love some advice. Questions: 1. How do I let the school know that she will not be returning next year? 2. Would I need to submit some kind of lesson plan to the district? 3. Since she will be a senior, where would be the best place to go for lesson plans that follow my state curriculum?
    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    You do not have to follow any specific curriculum. Use what works for your daughter. You DO NOT submit any lesson plans to the school or the district.

    A great resource for homeschooling high school is Let's Homeschool High School.

    Info about homeschoooling in TX can be found at the following links:

    Texas Homeschool Coaliation
    Frequently Asked Questions about Homeschooling in Texas
    Texas Education Agency

    Look for a local homeschool support ground and a local homeschool co-op. Google for them. I also suggest you download the free homeschooling e-book located at the top right side of this page.

    Best wishes!

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