back.... again.....
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    Default back.... again.....

    I joined last year when I had to pull my DD from public school - she has severe food allergies and it was a fight to keep her safe... so both her and my DS, then 3.5 started "homeschooling".... things were going extremely well and then DD got into a great private school. DS and I lost momentum and he lost interest without DD to work along side.

    This year I enrolled him in a preschool because next year we intend for him to go to the same school as DD and he is quite a quiet child and I wanted him to play with others without me around. Thats all I love about preschool... it becomes an expensive playdate - what we really need out of preschool is a teacher recommendation for kindergarten and the admissions person will assess him also.

    When the teacher sent out this weeks lesson plan which included introducing the letter "i" I wondered if he would sit through it ok... so yesterday he came home with the preprimer Dolch word list which I knew he knew and just to humour myself I printed out the third grade list which he knows also.

    I know preschool will not satisfy the "academic" side and always knew I would have to work with him on building on the skills he already has...

    LOL short story of why we are back....


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    Well, welcome back Anita. Glad to have you again!

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