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    Default Brand New Homeschooler

    My name is Natalie and I am going to begin homeschooling my two children ages 9 and 7 as of Monday. I could use some encouraging words or stories of how well it is going for you and your family. My husband isn't completely on board with the idea yet so I feel as though I have to "prove" something to him. Not at all the way I want to start off homeschooling. I forsee some frustration if he doesn't see results he thinks he needs. I am not going into this blindly, I have done LOTS of reading and research. Problem is, I am unsure where to really begin. I want a little structure but also the ability to be flexible to do other things not planned for. I'm sorry, I am all over the place! Thanks for reading!!


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    Hi. Welcome to time4learning and to homeschooling. It does appear overwhelming at first. But it's really not. Sit back. Pour yourself a nice cup of tea and read through some of the forums. Going to the WA Parent Forum will give you a good place to meet other time4learning families in Washington. It will also give you a great place to ask questions of others in your area about the state homeschool laws or about support groups. I recommend looking over Time4Learning's free "Welcome to Homeschooling" guide for all new homeschoolers, for anyone who is just starting out.
    I am an all over the place kind of mama,myself Don't worry hubby will come on board with the things that your kids will tell him at the end of the day. And try to remind him that when the kiddos go to school they get maybe a minute or two of the teacher's attention. Your kids will get SOOOO much more than that from you!! Hang in there!! Come back often and tell how things are going!
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    Hello Natalie!

    Seen your post, how are things going? I'm a homeschooler for my 2 kids, a 7 year old and an almost 15 year old. They have been homeschooled for 5 years. And we have been through a lot of different curriculums also. I'm here for support if you need it.

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    Welcome to both of you! I hope you will enjoy Time4Learning as much as we do at my house. If you have specific questions please feel free to ask! Happy homeschooling!
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