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    I have a 5th grader and k I don't understand how to do lessons? How many should be completed each day? Someone plz help!

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    Hi Lindsey Brady, Welcome to Time4Learning. There are a few ways to decide how many lessons to do each day. But the easiest by far is to go to the Activity Planner. To access it you login using the Parent Login feature. Then click on the link that says Account Info and Updates. Down at the bottom of that page you will see the activity planner. Click on that. Tell it when you are starting, what lessons you plan to cover and when you want to be finished. It will tell you exactly how many lessons you need to do in each subject each day to meet your goal. For us, I like to have my son do two lessons in each subject each day. That means he will finish some subjects earlier than others. But we do lots and lots of field trips so it works out. Be sure to add a few days into your schedule for sick days, field trips, or I just don't want to do school today days. Feel free to come back and ask any other questions you might have.

    You might also want to go on over to the West Virginia Parent Forum. You can meet others in WV and ask any state specific questions you might have there. You can find that group by going to the drop down menu at the top of this page that says State Forums and then click on West Virginia way down at the bottom of the page.
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