Considering homeschooling PDD-NOS son in Colorado
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    Default Considering homeschooling PDD-NOS son in Colorado

    I have five children - 11yo son, 9 yo daughter, 8 yo son, 5 yo son, 6 month-old son. My 8 yo is finishing up 2nd grade at the local public school and makes progress each year. But I feel like my family is split apart. We want our family together, and I know I can educate ALL my kids. But I am afraid of pulling him out and meeting resistance - especially since he is making progress. And honestly, I am scared.

    I found T4L on google - and it looks great. Has anyone used this as a "complete" curriculum, or only as a supplement?

    Thanks in advance,

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    Hi there, and welcome! We have been using T4L since early 2007. Sometimes it's been a core, sometimes it's been a supplement to more interest-led learning. Either way, it works wonderfully for us. Right now, my oldest is in 9th grade and he is using T4L as his core. My 4th grade is also using it as his core, but we are supplementing spelling and handwriting for him.

    Here is a great Hints and Help page that might be able to help you learn more about the site. I would also recommend that you check out the Members Chat on Using Time4Learning forum, to see how other families use it.

    Oh, also...please feel free to pop into the Colorado homeschool forum and introduce yourself and your family. There is where you will have the best shot at meeting others near you, and keeping up with things going on in your state.

    Good luck!
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