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Thread: Countung Credits?

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    Default Countung Credits?

    Hey, my name is Dawn, and my daughter is Breanna. She's 15 and going into the 10th grade. She's extremely smart and capable, but throughout the years, public schooling is just not her thing. She has anxiety and social problems and is usally the victim of all things gone wrong in her local school. She has come to the point of hating it so much she REFUSES to go back, even if she is registered to attend any public school.

    My question is, how do I assure that every credit she earns on this site, or any for that matter, is accounted for?
    My friend had her daughter in a church based homeschool for 2 years and once she went back to public school, none of her credits were accounted for. Breanna plans on finishing high school in homeschooling, but I want to make sure she gets her credits and diploma she works for!

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    Hi Dawn, and welcome! So glad you found us.

    My oldest son is in 9th grade, so I don't have a lot of experience with graduating a homeschooler. Yet. My first piece of advice would be to check your state laws regarding homeschooling. Second...head over to Let's Homeschool High School. That site is nothing but resources for homeschooling through the high school years! They have parent and student forums where you can ask questions and speak to other homeschooled/homeschooling high schoolers, a fantastic curriculum directory for high school, and SO much more.

    Good luck! Please feel free to ask any questions you may have!
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    Hi Dawn,

    My name is Jackie and I am the high school forum moderator. So glad you found us.

    As the parent, you will record your daughter's transcript info. After she finishes high school, you are allowed to make a diploma for her. Check with your state's homeschool laws to find all the specifics for what is needed to graduate, each state is different.

    Katie, has given you great advice about visiting Let's Homeschool High School. It is loaded with free downloads (transcripts and diplomas included), has numerous current articles covering everything conceivable about homeschooling high school, offers a cozy forum for parents and one for students, and has a blog directory for parents and one for students. I encourage you to visit today. The site is totally free to use. They also have a Facebook page.

    Best wishes, and keep us informed.

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    Hi, Dawn. We just graduated our first homeschooler. The responsibility of making sure our kids get the correct credits and then recording these credits can seem scary, but it really is not difficult at all. Actually, as a homeschooler we had the time and freedom to take courses my daughter was more interested in and use them as credits, as well as volunteer in areas she has a passion for. For example, she volunteered at a ranch helping children with special needs during hippotherapy (horses) once a week during 'normal' school hours. She was able to accumulate more hours than needed for Bright Futures. She took piano, sewing, horseback riding, weight lifting, drama, yearbook club (journalism credit), and was part of leadership in several programs through our homeschool or local organizations.

    The website Katie gave you is an excellent source. I would also get connected with your state and county homeschool support groups where you can receive all the guidance and information you need, in addition to homeschool events, activities, clubs, etc. It'll be a great social outlet for you and your daughter.

    As for the diploma and transcript, most of my friends created their own transcripts. I hired someone to do ours and it came out great. It includes everything a brick-and-mortar high school would provide and so much more. The college has accepted it without even looking at it. She'll be transferring in a couple of years to a university. The colleges and universities are more interested in the SAT scores and/or ACT scores.
    There is another avenue you can take. There are 'umbrella schools', which will track your credits and grades and provide a certified transcript and diploma, but still allow you the freedom to choose your own curriculum and work at your own pace. This is where the support groups can help you find such umbrella schools. I didn't see the necessity for that, since I have the progress reports and can keep my own record of courses taken and grades, and then create my own transcript, except that this would be a certified transcript. Depending on your daughter's future plans, you may want a certified transcript as there are still a few universities that may prefer it. But really, so many universities are so welcoming to homeschooled students because they are self-learners, motivated and disciplined (majority). We have a good reputation.

    Best wishes to you!
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    Hi Dawn. I just wanted to let you know that I posted your questions on our facebook page. You got a lot of great answers over there.
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